#SmoothieSaturday - Episode#1 - Our top 5 smoothies this week on Instagram

Today marks the first of many #SmoothieSaturdays, celebrating the best and brightest smoothies, that we've found all across social media and beyond. We hope you enjoy making and drinking these as much as we did.

We've started this week off with our top 5 this week: 

1 (and 2). @laurafruitfairy - Instagram

Ok so this may look like cheating but these are two stunning smoothies that are sure to start your day off the right way.

But which one will you choose?




- 200g frozen Papaya and 200g frozen banana, blended together.


- 350g frozen banana and 1 tbsp of Pureraw  blue (see @pureraw.de)


3. @the.best.smoothies - Instagram 

These bright smoothies are super refreshing on a hot day.



Blend together fresh ice-cold watermelon and a handful of strawberries with dash of mint to kick it all off.


4. @healthyfoodadvice - Instagram

This is how we want to be woken up every morning.



Ok so we couldn't find the actual recipe for this, but it looks pretty self explanatory

Blend together - Watermelon, mango and blueberries, pour back into watermelon.



5. @karivaipuro - Instagram

got to love a bit of green power to get you through a tough a week.


So again we cant find a full recipe, but we do have a list of ingredients, so play away.


- mango, banana, pineapple, avocado, spinach, chia seeds, coconut (and its milk) and spirulina.



So there's our top 5 smoothies for this week.....please feel free to tag us in any smoothies you feel could make the cut for best smoothie, and next Saturday we could be featuring you.

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