Our Story

The Armony Fit journey began in the heart of South America, Colombia, by two young entrepreneurs driven by their passion for people, sports and fitness.
After successfully launching, across South and North America, and receiving lots of love from all who joined the Armony Fit culture of self-love, inspiration and passion, Tom & Angela, are now bringing that Latino flavour that characterises every South American, to this side of the world; and are ready to show you the colour and happiness they all carry in their blood. 
Their main vision and encouragement is to being able to support their manufacturing company in Colombia Lipoarmonia Ltd, and their workforce composed 80% of single mums.
"We cannot wait to take You with us on this adventure, because we believe...

....People Make Armony Fit."

Tom & Angela x



Know a bit more about Tom and Angela, and their Social Commitment and passions...

      Tom Batlley                                 


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